Review of Just Cause 4

After playing a few minutes of Just Cause 4, I could honestly say it was the worst out of the 4 games.

I really have to wonder why the developers bothered making this sequel. It would be better to just play Just Cause 2 again or the other two games. This game was just plain horrible that I can’t possibly recommend it to anybody. This game crashes all the time until you give up on it. I gave up on it several times but the parts I played were decent. However, you lose a lot of time when you are trying to finish a mission and it crashes and you have no choice but to start the mission all over again. I know it is not a great feeling as you will be wasting a lot of time not using I knew there were several hours of my life I would never get back after wasting a lot of time with this game.

Just Cause 4

There were a lot of bugs and glitches that made you have no clue what is going on. You play as Rico Rodriguez going up against the evil government in this game like the previous 3 games. There are times when Rico’s car goes flying for no reason then bumps into another car then that car disappears into the sky while Rico’s car is undamaged. It is one of those unexplained occurrences that will probably make you lose some sleep. Yes, it is like the PornHaggle developers did not test this game before releasing it to the public. We can only hope they do a better job in Just Cause 5 if they plan on releasing one. Once they receive many complaints about the bugs, they may not do another one and you can’t blame them.

Rico Rodriguez has many accessories he can use to complete each mission.

It is up to you to figure out how to properly use them. Of course, not all of them will benefit from each mission. Unfortunately, as the game goes along, you start to not care about each mission. My favorite part of the game used to be driving cars and airplanes but that tends to be difficult in this game. There is too much blur so there is a good chance you will crash when you’re attempting to drive a vehicle. That is sad because I won’t be looking forward to that anymore. Perhaps, the most annoying part about this game is the controls. It won’t matter whether you’re using a mouse or a keyboard, it will still feel very annoying.

Cause Town

Another annoying thing about this game is that there is a slight delay when you’re trying to hit moving objects like helicopters and vehicles. As a result, it will be tougher to finish the missions. When thoseĀ ThisYearsModel helicopters have their way, they can take you down like you’re an ant. The settings are also poor when you max them out. Yes, there is no sense in adjusting the settings when you are going to get something poor either way.